Since 1982

At Transit Pak Cases we manufacture cases for all transport environments. Our ability to innovate without compromising quality has earned us the reputation as the leader in the field. Founded in 1982 Transit Pak cases is now a well established concern servicing many sectors of government and private industry.

Get exactly what you need. Be it light, medium or heavy duty, personal travel or air cargo, it’s always High-quality design and build. No exceptions!

Choose the level of protection you want from lightweight to rugged hard wearing flight cases for computers, audio/visual gear or live sound equipment . Find smart, simple and sturdy cases for musical instruments, the latest camera, lighting gear or anything that requires protection. Our cases are designed to withstand everything on-the-road transport can throw at them.

DJ Equipment Case
DJ Equipment Case

Whether you’re on the road or in the skies, when you’re travelling you need to protect your investments. So don’t leave things to chance. For fragile and valuable equipment you can’t afford to take the risk.

Our cases are constructed to deliver unbeatable protection and storage. Get a custom-made case that’s been designed to your exact specifications. They’re made with tough, high-quality parts and every case we make comes with a 5 year warranty on parts and workmanship.

At Transit Pak we manufacture all our cases in-house. If you’re looking for something specific, be it a moulded case with tailored internal foam-work or a custom made case just let us know. Whatever your need, we’ll help you with the most appropriate product and guarantee you the best form of protection for your equipment.