Here at Transit Pak we manufacture top-quality Heavy Duty Cases with Pick Foam for transportation of any portable equipment. We offer our cases in multiple standard configurations and can also manufacture them to meet specific requirements.

A key element in ensuring your equipment and instruments are kept safe is the addition of pick foam. Pick foam is the customisable foam insert which allows the case to meet the precise dimensions of your equipment.

In combination, these two elements provide your with the peace of mind that your equipment is kept safe and secure.

Available Options


  • 10mm 5 PLY/ABS.
  • 13m 7 PLY/ABS.
  • 10mm Resin coated 7 Ply Birch Hex Panel.
  • 10mm Solid HDPE (Hi density polyethylene).
  • 10mm light weight polypropylene hollow core flight panel.

Looking for custom Heavy Duty Cases? Check the product page or contact us with your requirements.